December 23, 2016

WAYNE ALLEN ROOT: New president is set to unleash a wave of prosperity.

Trump is winning on two fronts. One line of attack is to motivate business owners and business builders to start or expand by dramatically lowering corporate taxes, individual taxes, cutting regulations that strangle business, killing Obamacare and reigning in the IRS. If those things all happen, we will create a “reverse inversion.” All the companies in the world will want to move to the United States, instead of American companies running for their lives to escape. All the world’s companies rushing to relocate to America — wouldn’t that be wonderful?

But Trump is fighting on a second front, too: the psychological one. People are more productive if they feel positive, if they feel loved and appreciated. Over the past eight years, Obama has made business owners feel lousy, miserable, intimidated, targeted, persecuted, greedy. He made us feel like “Public Enemy No. 1.”

Remember Obama saying, “You didn’t build this”? That kind of thinking set the tone for the past eight years of misery and malaise. That’s why GDP has been close to zero. That’s why more than 94 million Americans are not working. That’s why business creation is the lowest in history. That’s why — for the first time in history — more businesses close each day than open.

Think about your own personal life. Would you work for a boss who treated you poorly and made you feel miserable? Would you produce your best work and efforts in that kind of hostile environment?

Then there’s John Galt’s short take: “Get the hell out of my way!”

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