December 7, 2016

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Report: Student journalists face administrative backlash.

Student journalists at college and university newspapers are facing consequences for reporting on concerns that show their schools in a negative light, according to a report from the American Association of University Professors.

The report, endorsed by the College Media Association, the National Coalition Against Censorship and the Student Press Law Center, focused-in on two examples of students facing backlash after doing their jobs.

At the University of Missouri, a student journalist and videographer were threatened with “muscle” by an assistant professor as they tried to cover protests at the university. At Wesleyan University, a student who wrote an opinion piece critical of the Black Lives Matter movement was harassed, and the student government slashed the paper’s funding for publishing the piece.

These two incidents were not isolated, the AAUP report found.

Why are universities such cesspits of censorship and intimidation?

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