December 6, 2016

MORE STUFF FOR DEMOCRATS TO WORRY ABOUT: Among black men, a spark of support for Donald Trump. “The 30-something long-haul truck driver from Covington, Ga., says he watches America roll by his truck window every day and feels that much of its potential remains untapped. He also looks around at his own community and sees the unfulfilled promise of the years of President Obama, for whom he voted twice. Persistent wealth, income, and education gaps continue to devastate the black working class in America, he says. For those reasons and more, he’s now a supporter of Trump.”

If Trump’s so inclined, he can make hay out of this: Black Workers’ Suit Accuses Job Agency of Favoring Hispanic Applicants. “It was like the whole thing was built up mainly around Hispanics.”

UPDATE: From the comments: “Hey….wait a minute…….I just figured out whose jobs all these illegal aliens are taking….”

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