November 26, 2016

FROM THE COMMENTS ON MY RECOUNT POST: “Trump should counter with targeted recounts of all the close states that went to the Dems AND should recount all the blue states like CA, NY, MD, IL that give the Dems the popular vote win. Demand that all the mail in and absentee and .mil votes are counted. See if the popular vote can be whittled down. Challenge all the Dem votes where two national votes may have been counted (e.g., snowbirds).”

Plus, this comment: “I just hope that DJT and his people understand that the threat is real, and they need to parachute in a division of attorneys and observers to keep an eye on things, like GWB did in Florida in 2000. The margins may be larger here, but if they exclude enough votes via challenges and then find a few carloads of ‘missing’ votes in Milwaukee, Detroit and Phildelphia, they could just pull this off.”

UPDATE: Wait, what?


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