November 26, 2016

INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY: Outside California, Clinton Is A Big-Time Popular Vote Loser.

So far, Trump has won the popular vote in 29 states, to Clinton’s 20 states. (As of this writing, Michigan is still up in the air, although Trump currently leads in the vote count.) In other words, Trump carried 45% more states than Clinton.

Since winning state elections is what counts in the United States when running for president, Trump clearly outperformed Clinton. (Trump has 25% more electoral votes than Clinton.)

What’s more, Trump’s margin of victory in the states he won was, on average, higher than Clinton’s.

Of the state’s Trump won, he got 56.2% of the vote, on average. Of the states Clinton won, she got only 53.5% of the vote.

The only reason that Clinton is beating Trump in the overall popular vote is that California gave Clinton a huge margin of victory — which currently stands at 61% to 33%.

The thing is, California is a very populous and very liberal state — so far, it has counted more than 10.7 million ballots. As a result, California alone is dumping vast numbers of votes into the Clinton column — where she currently has 3 million more than Trump.

But what if California’s vote was in line with all the other Democratic states, where Clinton beat Trump 53.5% to 40.2%?

If that were the case, Clinton would have received 860,000 fewer votes in California. And if Trump had captured the same share he received in those same Democratic states, he’d have gotten 773,000 more California votes.

In other words, if California was more like the average Democratic state, Trump would currently have a 400,000 vote lead in the nationwide popular vote.

It’s no wonder Boxer wants to do away with the Electoral College, since it would let her state decide presidential elections, even if — as in this election — the Republican candidate did much better in far more states across the country.

As IBD pointed out in a recent editorial, the Electoral College was specifically designed to prevent candidates from winning the presidency simply by appealing to a few heavily-populated, highly partisan regions of the country. The Electoral College forces candidates to compete nationwide if they want to be president. That’s a good thing.

I think we should award electors by Congressional district.

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