November 14, 2016

STACY MCCAIN: Lessons of a ‘Sex Object:’ What can we really learn from Jessica Valenti’s memoir? “You have blood on your hands, sir, if you take any pleasure in a woman ‘looking sexy,’ and disliking Ms. Valenti’s brand of feminism is proof of your misogynist guilt. ‘The personal is political,’ as radical feminist pioneer Carol Hanisch said, and therefore any source of unhappiness in a feminist’s life becomes a political cause. This leads feminists to viewing the world through the warped lenses of ideology, and induces a sort of sexual paranoia in which the feminist succumbs to delusions of persecution, the victim of a male conspiracy she calls ‘patriarchy.’ Yet the question raised by Sex Object, if read with a critical eye, is whether Jessica Valenti has ever been a victim of anything except her own bad judgment. Dear God, what awful choices she has made in her life!”

Plus: “Feminists complain about the shortage of women in high-tech STEM fields, or in corporate executive positions, and yet continue directing tens of thousands of college girls into the absurd ideological cul-de-sac of Women’s Studies. The dope dealers on campus are engaged in a profitable venture, at least, and don’t demand that taxpayers foot the bill for their evil enterprise.”

Also: “Compare this description to what Ms. Valenti says about her ‘lovely’ husband, who is forced to keep the house immaculate merely to avoid her wrath, and then ask whether you’d rather be (a) the muscle man who banged her at 16, or (b) the poor fool who ended up marrying her when she was 30.”

And an important lesson: “One of the amazing things about the patriarchal oppression of women is how guys with too much money so easily locate women with an appetite for free cocaine.”

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