November 4, 2016

REST IN PEACE: Don Kates, the father of the modern Second Amendment revival, has died. I’ve known Don for over two decades, as a friend and as a coauthor. When he started with his seminal Michigan Law Review article in 1983, the “revival” seemed unlikely to happen. He made it happen — not single-handedly, perhaps, but as the indispensable first mover. He was also a wonderful, funny, very smart person.

His health was never good — when I’d call him 20 years ago and say “how are you?” he’d respond “I’m old, Glenn, and sick, and I don’t have long on this earth.” It was schtick, but with a basis in truth. If you say that long enough, of course, it eventually comes true, and I’m sorry to say it finally did. I’m honored to have known him, and few men have had anything like his impact on society, or on constitutional law.

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