November 1, 2016

REPORT: Trump Backer Thiel: Hillary ‘Much More Dangerous’ on Foreign Policy.

Entrepreneur Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, said Hillary Clinton would be “much more confrontational” and “dangerous” with foreign affairs as president when compared to Donald Trump.

National Press Club President Thomas Burr asked Thiel if he is concerned about Trump’s “temperament” when it comes to the nuclear codes.

“I think he [Trump] wouldn’t even get us into a situation where it would be even close with respect to Russia, so I think if you actually look at the specifics, where might something happen, where might something go wrong, I would think that in some ways Hillary is much more dangerous than Trump. I don’t think Hillary would get us into a nuclear war, either, but it’s a much more confrontational foreign policy,” Thiel said during a “Newsmakers” event at the National Press Club today.

Thiel announced in mid-October that he planned to donate $1.25 million to Trump’s campaign. Thiel, who spoke at the Republican National Convention, said LGBT magazine The Advocate turned on him since the endorsement. Thiel argued that someone only counts as “diverse” if they are aligned with liberal political views.

“The Advocate, a magazine which once praised me as a gay innovator, even published an article saying that as of now I am, and I quote, ‘not a gay man,’ unquote, because I don’t agree with their politics,” he said. “The lie behind the buzzword of diversity could not be made more clear. If you don’t conform, then you don’t count as diverse, no matter what your personal background.”

Thiel said voters who support Trump are “tired of war,” want less government regulation particularly on small businesses, and believe free trade has “not worked” for America as a whole.

“Faced with such contempt, why do voters still support Donald Trump? Even if they think the American situation is serious, why would they think Trump of all people could make it better? I think it is because of the big things that Trump gets right,” he said. “For example, free trade has not worked out well for all of America. It helps Trump that the other side just does not get it. All of our elites preach free trade. The highly educated people who make public policy explain that cheap imports make everyone a winner according to economic theory, but in actual practice we’ve lost tens of thousands of factories and millions of jobs to foreign trade. The heartland has been devastated.”

To be fair, life’s still pretty great in Capital City.

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