October 17, 2016


Many of the messages, if authentic, would appear to demonstrate the huge size of Clinton’s campaign team. Based on these emails it is not uncommon for six or seven of Clinton’s senior staff, including Podesta, Mook and three or four members of her communications team to weigh in on, edit and re-edit a single proposed tweet, let alone scrutinize proposed, formal campaign statements.

“A team of 7 people editing your tweets is God’s way of telling you you shouldn’t be president of the United States, Iowahawk correctly notes. “If you don’t vote for the rabid orangutan, you’re voting for the animatronic pantsuit operated by a committee of campaign consultants,” he added, writing that in November, “your choice is between someone who tweets like an idiot and someone who requires a small army of editors to avoid tweeting like an idiot.”

* Note the use of the past tense.

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