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October 12, 2016

THE BRIGHT SIDE OF INTERNET SHAMING: It’s become so common that it might soon begin to lose its impact:

Yet in a twisted way, there’s a certain kind of hope in the increasing regularity of shamings. As they become commonplace, maybe they’ll lose their ability to shock. The same kinds of ugly tweets have been repeated so many times, they’re starting to become boilerplate.

If you’re a target, it’s not actually about you. You’re a symbol, a faceless bull’s-eye for the frustrations of your attackers. Furthermore, you’re only the hate symbol du jour; the Internet’s sights will be on someone else next week. And as time goes by, the novelty wears off, and the pattern becomes predictable, then maybe it will be easier for victims to accept that at least an Internet shaming isn’t personal. In the end, it’s just a sport.

Now if only the GOP could finally learn to act the same way when the DNC-MSM drops their daily October surprises, they might finally lose a fair amount of their sting.