September 30, 2016

THEY BREAK YOUR LEG, THEN HAND YOU A CRUTCH AND EXPECT YOU TO BE GRATEFUL: Did landmark laws from Congress enable high drug prices? “Lawmakers are venting outrage over high prescription drug costs, but lawmakers and presidents of both parties may have set the stage for the startling prices that have consumers on edge. As the proverb says: Physician, heal thyself. In the last 13 years, Congress passed major legislation that expanded taxpayer-financed coverage for prescription drugs but lacked explicit mechanisms for dealing with costs, instead relying mainly on market forces. Lawmakers look like unwitting enablers in the eyes of some experts.”

Yes, who could have imagined that uncontrolled subsidies could lead to huge price increases as sellers try to capture as much of the subsidy as they can? Next you’ll be telling us that happens with college tuition!

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