September 24, 2016

THAT’S OKAY, YOU CAN ALWAYS RELY ON THE DISCRETION OF PROSECUTORS: This New Court Ruling Could Make Changing a Baby’s Diaper a Crime.

Last week, a ruling in the Supreme Court of the State of Arizona determined that any act that involves “intentionally or knowingly” touching a child under fifteen’s “private parts” would be deemed child molestation – and one of those very acts could be diaper changing. What?!

Essentially, it has to do with semantics. One of the problems in the ruling – which came after a man convicted of molestation appealed the court to interpret that the “touching” part of the ruling require sexual intent. Unfortunately, the court refused and upheld the original language.

That would mean even a doctor or a parent changing a baby’s diaper would be breaking a law, even though they’re just doing their jobs, according to the report. Yes, that sounds crazy, but the majority ruled that the laws should be applied literally, and “therefore require no mental state beyond a person’s intentionally or knowingly touching a child’s ‘private parts.'”

The law is an ass.

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