September 20, 2016


On September 14, The Washington Post published what can only be described as a public display of child abuse. In an article entitled “My teen boys are blind to rape culture,” feminist writer Jody Allard chastises her sons for questioning the propaganda she feeds them. . . .

And The Washington Post gave her the space to do so.

That’s not even the worst of it. This same author, Ms. Jodi Allard, wrote an article back in February, also for The Washington Post, about one of her sons—who’s suicidal.

Yes, you read that right. One of Allard’s sons, the 16-year-old, is a known suicide risk—known to Allard and known to The Washington Post editors. And still they publically shamed him.

There’s more. Allard’s article has since been reprinted at the Chicago Tribune, at The Denver Post, at Bangor Daily News, and at the Charlotte Observer.

Now that is vile.

She’s a lousy mother and a rotten person.

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