September 6, 2016

ANNALS OF “SMART DIPLOMACY:” Report: China blames America for Obama embarrassment.

Chinese officials say it’s America’s fault that President Obama had to awkwardly exit Air Force One as he arrived in China for the G20 summit meeting, Reuters reports.

“I think if only the American group had respected the working arrangements first made with China then this wouldn’t have occurred,” China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying reportedly said in Beijing on Monday.

“You saw that all the other country leaders all used the stairs that China provided. So why was it only the United States that didn’t? These were the stairs the United States requested.”

Speculation has been that Chinese officials intentionally embarrassed Obama at the Hangzhou airport on Saturday by failing to give him a proper staircase to disembark his aircraft.

Tensions were exacerbated on the tarmac when a Chinese official was reportedly antagonistic toward National Security Adviser Susan Rice and U.S. officials were scolded for trying to help American journalists get better access to Obama.

Then the Twitter account of the Defense Intelligence Agency caused more friction with a tweet.

“Classy as always China,” the tweet read, linking to a New York Times article about the confrontation on the tarmac.

The DIA, a spy agency within the Pentagon, deleted the tweet quickly, issuing an apology.

It’s a jayvee administration all the way.

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