July 14, 2016

BREAKING: ‘TENS OF DEATHS’ AT HUGE BASTILLE DAY EVENT IN FRANCE. “More than a dozen people were killed and others wounded Thursday night in Nice, France, when a large white truck crashed into a crowd that had gathered to celebrate Bastille Day, according to multiple reports. French officials have not confirmed if it was a terrorist attack or accident.”

“At least 50 people are feared dead and 150 have been injured in a Bastille Day attack in Nice, southern France,” the London Daily Mail claims. “Eyewitnesses reported a gunfight between police responding to the attack and suspects at the scene.”

The Guardian adds:

The initial details suggest a tactic that jihadis propaganda has suggested for several years, with a vehicle ploughing into a crowd. For instance, Inspire magazine – affiliated with al-Qaida – urged the tactic several years ago.

And because, well, Guardian:

There are two immediate direct consequences for the UK if the attack is confirmed as terrorist. First is the decision by terrorists to use the tactic. Second, past attacks overseas have led to increase in hate incidents in the UK directed at Muslims.

“British Muslims Fear Repercussions Over Tomorrow’s Truck Attack,” to paraphrase the readers of Tim Blair.

UPDATE: Lots of updates on this ongoing incident in this post at the Legal Insurrection blog.

UPDATE (9:48 PM EDT): Report: “Terrorist in Nice Truck Attack Was City Resident of Tunisian Origin.”


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