July 12, 2016

THE TRUMPEN PROLETARIAT: Barack Obama’s presidency of moral condescension has produced an electoral backlash, Dan Henninger writes in the Wall Street Journal:

Political correctness added something new to the cultural divide: moral condescension.

What has really “angered” so many more millions who now feel drawn into the Trump camp isn’t just PC itself but that its proponents show such relentless moral contempt and superiority toward everyone else. People in America can take a lot, but not that. Marx would have a field day with how progressivism’s cultural elites have reordered social classes between the right-minded and everyone else.

Despite years of winning Supreme Court assent to their views, the left insists that the other side must remain on the moral hook. On race, sex or the environment the moralistic left seems to think it can keep the population incarcerated forever on vague, unproven charges of cultural guilt. For what?

In nearly eight years of presidential speeches, Barack Obama, by explicit choice, has come to embody the holier-than-thou idea of showing secular moral contempt for those who disagree with him.

And he’s far from alone in that department on the left, which openly wears its smug on its sleeves. As Glenn noted yesterday, “After anti-Trump remarks, Ruth Bader Ginsburg would have to recuse herself. And some say she’d have to recuse on any cases involving Trump if he were elected. Or, I suppose, maybe even if he weren’t.”

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