July 11, 2016

CHANGE: Obama blamed for fanning anti-police hate, new surge in gun sales expected.

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino, who worked in the Obama White House, said the president “is to blame for the anti-police culture out there.”

Bongino, a popular author and Florida House candidate, said that Obama for years has ignored police in focusing on racism and victims of police violence. The result, he said, is that Obama has helped create a “permissive culture to go out and crap all over law enforcement, and hey it’s all good because the cops are some subhuman species.” . . .

Law enforcement authorities he has talked to said that “they feel like Obama is actively putting them in danger.”

On Fox News Friday, Clarke added, that Obama “didn’t cause this but he fuels this sort of anger, this misplaced anger.”

Police are especially angry with Obama for blaming racism in the two police shootings this week in Louisiana and Minnesota, though racism hasn’t been cited as a cause yet.

With regard to the Dallas shooter’s motives, on the other hand, Obama says it’s a mystery.

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