July 2, 2016

EVERYTHING IS A PROBLEM: Guys and the pressure to be beach body perfect.

Beach season is here and more guys are pumping iron at the gym and running shirtless at lunch hour. Men’s Health just featured another guy with ripped abs and biceps on their cover. And Instagram is overflowing with perfectly sculpted dudes surfing waves, climbing mountains and running on soccer fields.

It can make regular guys feel downright depressed.

“The summer can for some people increase the anxiety associated with body image concerns because your body is more exposed,” said Dr. Katharine Phillips, director of the Body Dysmorphic Disorder Program at Rhode Island Hospital, and professor of psychiatry at Brown University.

Some of her male patients with body image concerns even get blue about the extra hours of daylight summer brings, Phillips told CBS News. “They really don’t like their body to be seen.”

If you don’t like the way you look, change it. You can get help from Gary Taubes, from Mark Rippetoe, and — if you really care about how you look — from Arnold.

UPDATE: In the comments, a reader recommends this as a less science-heavy, more focused version of Taubes’ advice.

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