July 1, 2016

HOW DO YOU SAY “DO OVER” IN AUSTRIAN? Austrian court overturns presidential election result.

The results of run-off were contested by the far-right Freedom Party (FPOe), whose candidate, Norbert Hofer, lost by a margin of just over 30,000 votes to former Green Party chief Alexander Van der Bellen.

“We are not poor losers. Rather, it is about the pillars of democracy, which must be secured,” FPOe chief Hanz-Christian Strache told reporters when the challenge was launched last month. He said he felt “obliged to challenge the results.”

Hofer was leading after polls closed on May 22 but the fate of the election was decided when more than 700,000 postal ballots were counted on May 24.

FPOe claimed the ballots were handled illegally in 94 out of 117 electoral districts, with more than 570,000 ballots affected. Irregularities cited include ballots being counted by unauthorized personnel or without observers present. FPOe also alleged that under-16s and foreigners were allowed to vote.

It all appears perfectly Democratic to me.

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