June 29, 2016

DALE FRANKS: Vote Properly, You Virulent Racist! “Most people, most of the time, are perfectly happy to let elites run the country. After all, it seems to make the elites happy to run run things, and, as long as they’re reasonably competent at it, and do it reasonably unobtrusively, no one much seems to care. But when elite competence is compromised by faulty ideology and cronyism, people become unhappy. And when the elite response to complaints is dismissal or insult, political problems begin to bloom. People begin to think about politics. They begin to do things. It is no coincidence, as our Soviet friends used to say, that the last decade has seen the rise of the TEA Party, the Occupy Movement, and the Trump phenomenon. People of all political stripes are becoming unhappy. I think we’re about to watch the elites start paying a price for that inattention and contempt.”

If so, it’ll be the first time they’ve paid a price for anything in quite a while. Which is also the point, I suppose.

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