June 28, 2016

ROGER KIMBALL ON BREXIT: A Freer, More Democratic, More Internationalist Britain:

I cannot tell what proportion of Brexit hysteria is feigned.  Among ordinary people, who have listened to months of skirling  admonition from Project Fear politicians and special interests, I suspect that the unhappiness is genuine if uninformed.  But what are we to make of such hyperbolic absurdities as today’s front-page, above-the-fold headline in The Times: “England’s Darkest Day”?

Is it really? Is taking a step to recover your sovereignty really worse than, say, the Blitz? Worse that the first day of the battle of the Somme, when some 57,000 Brits lost their lives?  There is a lot of manufactured melodrama about and Dan Hannan did a splendid job of quashing it.

In contrast, Labour frontman Jeremy Corbyn is generating plenty of melodrama of his own: “Labour crisis: Jeremy Corbyn refuses to resign after losing confidence of 172 MPs as Angela Eagle eyes up leadership challenge,” the London Telegraph is currently reporting.

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