June 24, 2016


Appearing on NBC’s Today, analyst and Daily Beast editor Christopher Dickey launched into a tirade against Britain’s vote to leave the European Union: “…they claim it says, right off the bat, is that they were tired of all the bureaucracy of the European Union, they didn’t want all the constraints, they want their sovereignty. But what this was really about is fear, xenophobia, in some cases, certainly racism.”

How dare everyday British voters upset a “Progressive” Euro-elite that knows best! We’ve seen these sorts of media freakouts when they casually throw the R-word around before, haven’t we?  That last sentence quoted by Dickey — “what this was really about is fear, xenophobia, in some cases, certainly racism” — sounds like it was cut and pasted from so many pieces written about American voters in November of 2010, when exasperated American voters returned control of Congress to the GOP after Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid rammed Obamacare through, ignoring the wishes of the majority of Americans.

The ghost of Peter Jennings and his “temper tantrum” in 1994 lives – and hopefully we’ll see plenty more along those lines this November as well.

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