June 1, 2016


A [British] school has banned whistles to signal the end of playtime as staff are worried the “aggressive” noise will scare children

reports the Daily Telegraph’s Elizabeth Roberts.

Staff at St Monica’s Catholic Primary School in Milton Keynes must instead raise a hand in the air to get the attention of pupils at the end of break time.

A teaching assistant at the school, Pamela Cunningham, attacked the ban in a letter to Country Life Magazine.

She said that she keeps her hand-carved whistle in her pocket ‘just in case’ children don’t spot her hand in an emergency.

Professor Alan Smithers, of Buckingham University, branded the move as “crazy” telling the Sunday Times:

“We have become extraordinarily over-sensitive. Does this mean children are not going to be able to play football and hockey because the referees use whistles?”

Get the feeling we’re just a year or two away from the British Army concluding that new recruits can’t handle any training more intense than how to defend themselves from fresh fruits?




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