May 29, 2016


“The Great Enrichment of the past two centuries has one primary source: the liberation of ordinary people to pursue their dreams of economic betterment.” How very odd then that the Progressives are so sure that the only route to a better world is for enlightened leaders like themselves to control and regulate the economy, and the people. (As I just said, they really don’t understand cause and effect).

Of course, to paraphrase the Professor, “The Miraculous Explosion of Human Progress in the Past Two Centuries” contains insufficient opportunities for grafters on the make when properly left to its own devices. And as Richard Fernandez recently wrote, “We expect revolutionaries to be indifferent to money. Yet in reality the Left thinks about nothing but moneythe ambition of all true Communists should be to become billionaire revolutionaries.”

Or as Glenn noted in USA Today recently, “It is a common misconception that socialism is about helping poor people. Actually, what socialism does is create poor people, and keep them poor. And that’s not by accident. Under capitalism, rich people become powerful. But under socialism, powerful people become rich. When you look at a socialist country like Venezuela, you find that the rulers are fabulously wealthy even as the ordinary citizenry deals with empty supermarket shelves and electricity rationing.”

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