May 27, 2016


The more stinging critique is about the quality of what Salon publishes – and Goodman’s pieces in particular have reignited lamentations about the site’s downward spiral. Walsh and Miller have been outspoken on Twitter about some of the stories from the site, as have many others. Two guys even created a vicious parody account, @salondotcom, to mock Salon’s increasingly strident brand of leftism, with fake tweets like “Ten signs your cat might be racist” and “Should GMOs come with trigger warnings?”

“It’s really sad,” Talking Points Memo publisher Josh Marshall tweeted last month. “These Salon headlines are like the bastard child of World Net Daily and the LaRouche Times … In retrospect it’s scary to think that Salon was maybe always just one @joanwalsh or @KerryLauerman away from derp oblivion.”

Well, that’s one way to put it, considering that the words Joan Walsh and “derp” go together rather well.

Fiscal overindulgence aside, the content of Salon over the years is a cautionary tale of an ideology that, to borrow from Woody Allen’s shark analogy in Annie Hall, believes it must be constantly moving further leftward to survive. While “Progressivism” may be the dominant ideology in America, as the headlines from the above-mentioned Salon parody account illustrate, intellectually, it’s a dead shark.

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