May 24, 2016

WELL, BILL CLINTON, LIKE BILL COSBY, HASN’T AGED WELL: Trump Escalates Attack On Bill Clinton. And Bill is the Achilles’ heel of Hillary’s “Vote for me, I have a vagina” campaign.

And it’s working: Report: Hillary Dropped Gender Talk After Negative Internal Polling.

UPDATE: Now she’s ruining Ghostbusters: “Sony Pictures is unhappy that Hillary is horning in on their long-scheduled publicity for a movie that it really needs men not to hate.” “I don’t think too many men watch Ellen DeGeneres, so what’s the real problem for Sony? The NYT is trying to weave this into the usual gender politics, but I think the real problem for Sony is that it wants to sell the movie to women — that’s the point of going on Ellen DeGeneres — and putting Hillary on the same show saps the fun out of something that absolutely needs to be very, very fun.”

Well, as Bill can no doubt attest, sapping the fun out of things is what Hillary excels at.

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