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May 15, 2016

CHOOSE THE FORM OF YOUR DESTRUCTOR. Flashback to May of 2012: Newsweek Columnist Michelle Goldberg Likens “Insufferable” Ann Romney To Hitler, Stalin.

From most accounts, the Romneys are remarkably decent, civil-minded centrist Republicans. But between the above attack on Ann Romney and the smears that Mitt gave an employee cancer(!),  the DNC-MSM worked all out to destroy them in the most vicious way possible, thus leading to the rise of centrist Republican Donald Trump, who, whatever his myriad excesses, at least punches back twice as hard against the MSM, as a wise community organizer advises.

Speaking of which… VIDEO=> TRUMP Blasts Stephanopoulos: I Know Clinton Is a ‘Good Friend’ of Yours… You Don’t Reveal It.