May 6, 2016

AS A WISE COMMUNITY ORGANIZER ONCE SAID, PUNCH BACK TWICE AS HARD: “Jason Riley, a conservative columnist for the Wall Street Journal, will speak at Virginia Tech once the school issues him a public, written apology… Riley said he appreciated that [Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business Dean Robert Sumichrast] acknowledged that he was invited and then disinvited. He said in the conversation Sumichrast also offered to issue an apology on the school’s behalf, something crucial Riley said because he felt like Tech administrators had been characterizing him ‘as a liar.’”

Well, they were; here is Riley’s original written invitation, which VT rescinded when the college discovered that — ZOMG! — Riley is a black conservative:


“Riley said he was happy with the outcome. However, he was disappointed because he believes it took media backlash — the issue was discussed on Fox News Wednesday night and in a Riley column in the Wall Street Journal — for him to actually receive the invitation.”

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