May 3, 2016


“I think it’s going to get worse if he gets the nomination and is the front-runner. I think it’s going to escalate,” Luis Serrano, an organizer with California Immigration Youth Justice Alliance, told the Los Angeles Times. “We’re going to keep showing up and standing against the actions and the hate Donald Trump is creating.”

Even Americans who don’t support Mr. Trump may hear this and wonder who is really creating hate. The spectacles are made-for-ratings cable TV fodder, and Mr. Trump knows it. Every protester who breaks the law or waves a Mexican flag as a political statement in favor of illegal immigration might as well be voting for Mr. Trump.

There’s a lot about Trump and his most fevered supporters to question (as we should everyone who seeks the oval office and his or her supporters), but watching a man trying to wade through a mob that pays lip service to tolerance and diversity, and yet is poised to rip him to shreds because he’s wearing the wrong baseball cap, I know which side I’m on.

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