April 18, 2016

DICTATORSHIP OF THE DIMWITS: “An extraordinary short video making the rounds. A 5’9″ white guy goes onto the University of Washington campus and asks students to explain why he isn’t a 6’5″ Chinese female child in first grade. They can’t do it. They are so afraid of being judgmental, and offending against the sacred dogma of Self-Definition that they are unable to deny anything he claims about himself. (Not strictly true: one woman of the bunch politely doubts that he is 6’5″.) You have to watch this.”

As they say in Oceania, 2+2=5. Or as Michael Walsh, the author of The Devil’s Pleasure Palace and its history of how the Frankfurt School birthed the left’s war on culture (which birthed the left’s war on bathrooms) warns, “This is the dead end to which critical theory and its demon child, political correctness, have lead us. And it will get even worse; if you thought the drive to allow pervs into women’s locker rooms in the name of ‘equality’ was insane, wait til you see what’s coming next.”

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