April 12, 2016

ALL COMEDY IS CONSERVATIVE: “Sales of ‘Caucasians’ shirts, depicting the Cleveland Indians’ team mascot as a caricature of a white person, skyrocketed one day after ESPN’s Bomani Jones wore one on a show, the shirt’s creator said Friday.”

Related: “So, in other words, Bomani Jones’ stunt backfired. He wore the shirt to provoke anger on the part of white people by flipping the tables and exposing them as hypocrites for being offended by ‘Caucasians,’ while they cheer for the Redskins, Chief Wahoo, the Braves, and so on. Except very few, if any, white people are offended by the shirt. Proving the opposite of Jones’ point. And that maybe, just maybe, it’s time for race hucksters like Bomani Jones to get a life.”

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