April 6, 2016

THE INTERNET OF USELESS THINGS: “Alphabet-owned Nest recently revealed that it will be disabling the Revolv smart home hub on May 15, which will make the $300 device worthless.


To be clear, Nest is not only ending support for Revolv, but rather rendering it completely unusable. This is because of the development on the Works with Nest system going well, which meant that Revolv had to go.

Early on, there was no indication that Nest will be providing a replacement for Revolv owners or at least a refund for the $300 device. However, through the Nest Support account on Twitter, the company has revealed that it will work with customers on a case-by-case basis to come up with the best resolution, which includes compensation.

Rumor is that Nest is in deep trouble, losing hundreds of millions of dollars and many of the company’s best people.

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