March 15, 2016

A PHOTOGRAPHIC TOUR OF THE STERLING COOPER & PARTNERS OFFICE. Mad Men’s incredible production design and costuming perfectly evoked the atmosphere of the 1960s while rarely descending into cliché; I would have loved to have seen that cast inside that production design in service to more watchable television, however. Or as one critic wrote about the series last year, “We have a term called ‘hate-watch’ because we are sometimes compelled to watch shows we hate. We do not have a term called ‘apathy-watch,’ because it doesn’t exist. You might tune into a train wreck for the schadenfreude, but you’re not going to put effort into a show that doesn’t make you care.”

Oh I don’t know – having enjoyed the show’s first season or two, I felt like I did a lot of apathy-watching as it progressed, particularly after series creator/showrunner Matthew Weiner told one interviewer, “There is nothing to laugh at by the time you’re in the late ‘60s.” If you can’t laugh at the era of hippies, Hubert Humphrey, and as Iowahawk would say, “Leonard Bernstein’s weekly Black Panther Fondue & Twister parties,” what can you laugh at?

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