March 8, 2016


Bill Clinton bashes Obama’s ‘pretty picture’ economy, says millions left behind.

Bernie Sanders: ‘Real unemployment’ rate under Obama is 10.5 percent.

“Note to Hillary: Clintonomics Was a Disaster for Most Americans” — says the far left Nation magazine.

“Flint has voted for Dems for 84 straight yrs. What did it get us? For 18 months Dems remained silent & ignored pleas while Flint was poisoned” — says far left moviemaker Michael Moore.

● “Let’s not forget that there are lots of Flints out there. Places where poor people and people of color have been left out and left behind,” Hillary Clinton tweets. In order to correct for the 140-character nature of Twitter, Michelle Malkin completes Hillary thought: “See, for example, America’s most liberal, Democrat-ruled cities.”

Add to that all of the racism and sexism uncovered since 2009 in Hollywood and on college campuses — both under monolithic Democrat control as are the racist cities of Chicago, San Francisco, and other deepest of deep blue enclaves — and it’s obvious that the left are issuing a not-so-silent collective scream begging to be relieved of power for the next four to eight years, a lengthy time-out to analyze where it all went wrong.

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