March 7, 2016


Trump supporters who believe their candidate is the anti-establishment destroyer of media are being conned, and the con is being perpetrated by the people they hate the most — the Clintonistas of network media. Not only are these people generally hostile to conservatism. They also are not content to simply sit on the sidelines and objectively report what candidates say and do. Recall Dan Rather and Mary Mapes, who took it upon themselves in 2004 to run an unverified story about George W. Bush’s military service. In charge of CBS at the time? Les Moonves.

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None more so than Cruz’s interviewer, CBS’s Face the Nation host John Dickerson, who wrote a January 2013 Slate article published two days before Obama’s second inauguration headlined “Go for the Throat!” on “Why Obama Should Seek To Destroy the Republican Party.” Dickerson and Moonves are certainly eager to help any way they can.