March 6, 2016

THERE WAS A TIME WHEN ALL MEN CARRIED POCKETKNIVES. BUT CAMPUS SNOWFLAKES CAN’T HANDLE IT. Student’s Knife Alarms Some at Cal State Long Beach. “California State University at Long Beach on Thursday said that it has taken seriously an incident in which a faculty member saw a student with a small knife, in class, and asked him to leave and notified authorities.”

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UPDATE: Jim Bennett emails:

When I was a kid I spent a fair amount of time with my paternal grandparents in the country. One day my grandmother asked me to take my knife and cut her a switch of a certain length. I answered that I did not have a knife. She was astounded to hear that.

The next time I visited she gave me a nice pocket knife with a 3 inch blade she had bought for me. “Every boy should have a knife”, she said.

Smart woman.

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