March 2, 2016

U. OF SOUTH CAROLINA PROMISES  ‘NO LIMITS’ … EXCEPT WHEN IT COMES TO FREE SPEECH: Check out this video featuring the two student plaintiffs in the new FIRE-sponsored First Amendment lawsuit against the University of South Carolina (USC). The lawsuit is the twelfth in FIRE’s undefeated national Stand Up For Speech Litigation Project.

While USC’s marketing materials claim there are “No Limits” to what students can achieve at USC, the university clearly doesn’t think this catchy slogan extends to constitutional rights on campus. In this video, student plaintiff Ross Abbott and Michael Kriete, president of USC’s chapter of Young Americans for Liberty, describe how they were interrogated and threatened with disciplinary action, ironically, for organizing an outdoor event aimed at educating the student body about freedom of speech on campus. You can read more about the lawsuit over at The Torch.

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