February 29, 2016

MEET THE WORST CLINTON ALLY THE MSM HAS NEVER TOLD YOU ABOUT: Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss made at least 30 contributions to U.S. political campaigns over a nine-year period, according to FEC records cited by the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group’s Richard Pollock.

Wyss is also the high-dollar Clinton Foundation donor, financial patron of Clinton national campaign chairman John Podesta, bankroller of multiple environmental crusades, and multi-million dollar supporter of the liberal think tank Center for American Progress. Still, you likely have never heard of Wyss because mainstream media outlets almost never talk about the guy, even though his money and influence on the Left puts him in a class with George Soros.

Search the Washington Post for “Hansjorg Wyss,” for example, and only one reference appears – a March 22, 2015, reference to him as an “environmentally minded billionaire.” In a story strewn with links to important names, Wyss was not deemed of sufficient significance to provide such additional information.

The New York Times does a bit better on that search, showing nine entries. Two of the entries reference Wyss as a wealthy donor to CAP. The other seven references are older stories that focus on the sale of Wyss’ former company, the medical device-maker, Synthes. Incredibly, none of the seven mentions the fact five people had previously died while participating in illegal drug tests conducted by Synthes under Wyss’ orders. Four Synthes executives went to jail as a result. Wyss was not one of them.

Pollock has been exposing Wyss for several years, as in here, here, here and here. But others are noticing now, too, including Citizens United, the David Bossie-led non-profit that produced the Hillary Clinton expose that ultimately led to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision so loathed by campaign finance reformers.

Bossie’s group wants to know why four Synthes executives went to jail but Wyss did not. An obvious question is whether Wyss’ money and political connections had anything to do with his being spared from prison. Remember who was Attorney General when the decision was made? Eric Holder.



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