February 28, 2016

WELL, I’M DEFINITELY NOT STOPPING MY 19 YEAR* BOYCOTT OF MSNBC NOW: Melissa Harris-Perry ‘highly unlikely’ to return to MSNBC, claims CNN’s Brian Stelter:

Her MSNBC contract expires in October. Two sources agreed it is “highly unlikely” she will ever be back on the show.

This fight — fundamentally about editorial control — comes at a time when MSNBC and its rivals are trying to squeeze higher ratings out of the chaotic primary season.

At the same time, MSNBC has been undergoing a radical brand transplant, replacing left-leaning opinion shows with more middle-of-the-road newscasts. Progressives feel like the liberal MSNBC they loved is fading away.

“Left-leaning.” That’s a really charming touch. And note this:

“I show up on TV and say words because, at the moment, I have the cover of a powerful white man,” her boss at MSNBC, she said. “The moment that that powerful white man no longer wants me to sit on TV and say words, I will not be allowed to sit on TV and say words anymore.”

Why are Democrat-controlled corporations such bastions of racism and intolerance?

*I’ll always have a soft-spot for MSNBC’s earlier, funnier days as a sort of technology-oriented TV channel during the early days of the Web, with a pre-radicalized Soledad O’Brien and Max Headroom-ish virtual host “Dev Null.”

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