February 23, 2016


Twitter isn’t going away, but odd things are happening. (The Federalist has a round-up, if you’re not up to speed and are interested in online culture.) Shadowbanning and outright bans on people deemed unwelcome by the Trust and Safety Council — something named by dreary tin-eared little commissars — will mean that people will either self-deport or just stifle themselves, lest they be banished. I should note:

One is always obliged to note that it’s a private company and can do what it wants. You’d think that would go without saying, but that idea has been circumscribed for reasons good and ill. Always nice to see people who want to make private companies do what they want suddenly discover these principles, though. Welcome!

Heh. Or as Iowahawk tweeted on Saturday:


Read the whole thing.

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