February 20, 2016

ABUSE OF POWER: Reason: Did Twitter’s Orwellian ‘Trust and Safety’ Council Get Robert Stacy McCain Banned? Prominent GamerGate figure clashed with council member Anita Sarkeesian. Now he’s gone. “Banning McCain wasn’t even Twitter’s only questionable activity last night. It seems that Twitter also suppressed the pro-McCain hashtag subsequently created by his supporters, #FreeStacy. After it started trending, Twitter made it so that the hashtag wouldn’t autocomplete when people typed it. . . . If Twitter wants to go full-on Ministry of Truth, it can. But its user have the right to raise hell about it—to call out the platform for punishing dissident alt-right figures while empowering their adversaries. I’m not convinced that’s what’s happening, but the exclusion of Robert Stacy McCain—a mere 10 days after the Trust and Safety council came into existence—is cause for concern.”

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