January 31, 2016

IT’S JUST “WAR ON WOMEN” ELECTIONEERING: Employers to get new rules to prove mythical gender wage gap.

The gender wage gap is due mostly to the choices women make in their careers and family lives, not to discrimination. Yet the myth persists that women earn 78 cents to the dollar that men earn for doing the exact same job.

On Friday, President Obama announced a new regulation that would force employers to “collect summary pay data by gender, race and ethnicity from businesses with 100 or more employees.”

Because even though the discrepancy is due mostly to the choices women make, why not set about trying to prove that it’s all about discrimination?

The gender wage gape myth persists mostly because it is an easy talking point for Democrats looking to foment anger and resentment between men and women. But it also persists because the data behind the gap make apples and oranges comparisons between the careers and hours of men and women. The data do not compare “equal pay for equal work,” as Democrats claim. The White House knows this, yet continues to demonize employers and victimize women.

Well, they know a lot of stuff, and continue to say different. Because demonizing is what they do best. Related: Jay Carney addresses male/female pay gap at White House.

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