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January 4, 2016

GOOD: University of Missouri’s Efforts To Placate Protesters Have Created Backlash. “Kurt Bahr, a Republican state representative, says some of his constituents have told him that they regret attending Mizzou and do not want their children to go there, because they do not trust the new leadership of the university. One of his constituents even said that he feared for the safety of his daughter on campus thanks to the ‘instability’ there.”

Plus, this disturbing bit: “Yet the First Amendment does not give people a free pass to go round saying hateful things, points out Mr Henson.”

Um, yes, actually, it does. Perhaps lawprof Henson was misquoted by The Economist, which seems a bit weak on the First Amendment generally these days. But given what’s happened at Mizzou this year, it’s distressingly likely that he actually said this.