December 5, 2015

HOWIE CARR: G-men, media don’t dare 
tell truth about San Bernardino rampage.

What could the terrorists’ 
motive possibly be? How many times did you hear that absurd question asked? Were you yelling at the TV set too?

And how come no networks 
replayed Obama saying three weeks ago that ISIS was “contained?” Think they’d have given George Bush that kind of pass?

Neither cops nor the media dared tell the un-PC truth, that this was yet another terror attack by Muslims, one of whom was an alien. Nobody from Boston has any illusions about the FBI — Famous But 
Incompetent. But they’re worse than ever. Did you see that G-man from the LA office, making like 
Inspector Clouseau — “I suspect everyone, I suspect no one.”

It was pathetic enough to make you almost nostalgic for the 
super-sleuths of yesteryear like Zip Connolly, Vino Morris and Agent 
Orange. I mean, on Dec. 8, 1941, did J. Edgar Hoover announce that there was a possibility that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, but that he was keeping an open mind?

But the media were even worse. First they tried to claim it was a Planned Parenthood attack — thanks, Bloomberg! Then somebody said it was probably right-wingers angered by the government helping disabled children.

A New York rag blamed it on the skinhead meth gangs that abound around Berdoo — like your average motorcycle gang cares about a Christmas party. And finally, the 
inevitable moonbat fallback … workplace violence.

That’s Barack Obama’s favorite excuse for terrorism. And you know the best way to fight terror — I mean workplace violence. Common-sense gun-safety laws. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Common sense — take away the guns from law-abiding people so that they can’t defend themselves against the terrorists and the gangbangers who don’t give a flying bleep about the law.

Common sense indeed.

Telling the truth about this stuff would expose how little they’re doing, and how incompetently they’re doing it. Thus, the search for excuses.

Plus: “Meanwhile, all I want for Christmas is a thousand hollow-point bullets.”

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