December 1, 2015

MICKEY KAUS: Why Doesn’t The GOP Elite Give Up On Amnesty? “If the Republican establishment is so panicked about Donald Trump — a wild, proto-fascist egomaniac with his finger on the button, in their telling — you’d think it would do the one thing that would almost certainly stop him: Surrender. By ‘surrender’ I mean abandon their decades long dream of winning Latino votes through a magic pill called ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ (known to its opponents as amnesty). . . . Anger over elite ‘more immigration’ plans is the molten core of the Trump eruption. Is there any doubt that if ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ went away for good, Trumpism would wither? So why don’t Haley Barbour and Karl Rove call a big K Street meeting where they say, ‘Boys, we have to throw the damn yahoos this bone. We’re giving up on amnesty.’ . . . I used to think the answer to the mystery was that it was all about Jeb — i.e., the push for amnesty was specifically designed to promote a Bush candidacy in 2016. Yet the Bush campaign is dying and the elite’s still clinging to amnesty. So that can’t be it.” It’s a mystery.

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