November 20, 2015

WELL, THAT WASN’T A VERY NICE THING TO SAY: Dartmouth Dean offers “unequivocal apology” for saying conservatives are “not nice people.”

Yesterday, a flood of irate students on campus took to social media app Yik Yak to anonymously vent about her response. Yaks ranged from playful quips to more serious demands for her resignation as Vice Provost of Student Affairs.

In an unscientific web poll conducted by The Tab, 75% of students reported that they did not approve of what has been referred to as Ameer’s ‘apology’ to the protestors.

Now in a letter written to the Editor of The D published last night, Ameer is distancing herself from her previous comments.

This, of course, is why feminist groups and other lefties hate Yik Yak. It lets people counter the activist narrative without fear of reprisal. And that lets people see that the “activists” are actually a noisy minority, not the Voice Of The Students.

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