October 24, 2015

AMERICA’S TEST: IMAGINING A CLINTON VERSUS CARSON ELECTION. You may say Roger Simon is a dreamer, but he’s not the only one:

If you close your eyes and see Carson and Clinton standing together on a stage, you are almost envisioning a confrontation between good and evil, the forces of light and darkness, with the black man being light, of course.

I know that sounds Manichean, but there is no question that Carson is the kind of person the Founders had in mind to lead our country, the private citizen  who had led a noble life come to serve the public, a soft-spoken American Cincinnatus from Johns Hopkins by way of the Detroit ghetto. Yes, they might have been surprised to find that he is black, but I suspect some of them would not have been that surprised. And, although you may not agree with everything Carson says, it’s clear his convictions come from the heart.  They are not “political.”

Hillary Clinton is the antithesis.  Deep down, everyone knows it.

Read the whole thing.

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