October 14, 2015

ROGER SIMON: The Evil Party and the Stupid Party Debate:

Let me make a few comments on the only interesting moment in the entire Democratic debate on Tuesday night — that is, of course, when Bernie Sanders (a fatuous moral narcissist who reminds me of a Jewish Norman Thomas) gave an immense gift to  Clinton by pushing the email scandal to the side, saying the American public wasn’t interested in such tiresome peripheral stuff when the middle class was suffering, shaking hands with Hillary on that “brilliant” insight and getting a huge ovation from the partisan audience for his trouble.

How much a gift was that to Hillary?  Besides being a capitulation for Sanders (how else is he going to battle Hillary ultimately other than on her non-existent integrity?), time will tell, maybe sooner than later, because in a very few days — Oct. 22 — she is slated to be testifying  in front of the Benghazi Select Committee. (Trey Gowdy is under intense pressure now.) But Hillary clearly had a victory tonight and that victory could encourage Joe Biden to stay out of the race.

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