October 6, 2015

ANDREW KLAVAN: FORGET WHERE’S WALDO — WHO’S HILLARY? “But the real question is not whether she’s corrupt. Duh. The question is: Who the hell is she when she’s at home? What does she believe, aside from appeasing this portion of the base or that? What’s her vision, aside from herself in the Oval Office? What’s her pitch to America, aside from the fact she’s female? Really. I can choose between the Republicans on the basis of their policies and their characters. But when it comes to Hillary….  Who the hell is she?”

Want a serious answer? The last half-dozen chapters of Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism — written during the period when it was assumed that Hillary had the Democrat nomination for 2008 in the bag, and not some unknown junior Midwest rookie senator named, as Teddy Kennedy would have said at the time, Osama or Obama, or whatever it was, give an excellent insight into her worldview and its sources.

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