September 16, 2015

TEXAS 14-YEAR-OLD TAKES HOMEMADE CLOCK TO SCHOOL, gets treated as terrorist. Police, school district refuse to apologize. And note this: “When he showed it to his teacher, explaining it was a clock, she said she thought it looked like a bomb. A few hours later, Ahmed found himself being questioned in a room with four cops, and then later in handcuffs on the way to a juvenile detention center.” So you thought it was a bomb — uh huh –and then you waited “a few hours” to do anything about it, but still treated it as terrorism. If you really think something’s a bomb, you don’t wait hours. If it can wait a few hours, you don’t need to go crazy.

Ken White’s take: “American lives are controlled by the thuggishly mediocre. The best measure of their control is this: when called out on their mediocre thuggery, they can comfortably double down.” I’m coming to believe that the only hope for addressing this phenomenon involves tar, feathers, and horsewhips.

Reminds me of this story. Note that when specifically warned about real terrorists, the Tsarnaev brothers, the law enforcement community twiddled its thumbs.

Also, sending your kids, especially boys, to public school is parental malpractice. You’ve been warned.

UPDATE: People are making a big deal about the kid’s name being Ahmed, but Razib Khan points out that school-administrator thuggishness knows no racial bounds.

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